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Covington School Receives Computers From No Child Left Offline

No Child Left Offline

Recently, Covington's Thomas Edison Elementary School’s Family Resource Center received laptops, printers and audio-visual equipment to better support the school's students and families. The computers were donated through ConnectKentucky’s No Child Left Offline (NCLO) program, an innovative initiative designed to help close the digital divide among Kentucky’s youth, and a donation by Duke Energy Corporation, a leading energy company focused on electric power and gas distribution operations, and other energy services in the Americas.

“The technology donation from Duke Energy and ConnectKentucky will allow Thomas Edison families to access technology at the school. Our families will be able to look for jobs, prepare resumes and look up Web sites to gain knowledge on how to assist their child with school and homework,” according to Denise Brown, Family Resource Center coordinator for Thomas Edison Elementary School. “The technology will also assist with providing a welcoming environment for our parents to our school.”

Duke Energy Corporation has a long-standing relationship with Thomas Edison Elementary School that ranges from supporting the school’s renovation projects to providing students with tickets to cultural events across greater Cincinnati.

NCLO brings together public and private partners to help Kentucky households join the information age. The program is the most comprehensive initiative of its kind undertaken by any state in the nation. It ensures that computers donated by the state and private providers will be saved from landfills and used for the benefit of Kentucky families.

NCLO, like Duke Energy, supports the attainment of education, lifelong learning and enabling students and families improve their lives through technological exposure. Accordingly, NCLO will assist in implementing this community-centered project that will benefit the school and support the surrounding population, which primarily consists of underprivileged families. These laptops will allow the Family Resource Center to provide access to educational, informational and communication resources that are available online.

The laptops will be available for use by families at the Family Resource Center for the following purposes:

  • Provide computing resources for the community, particularly parents of underprivileged children. Parents may use the laptops to create resumes and search for jobs;
  • Provide resources to help parents assist their children with schoolwork;
  • Provide an opportunity for parents to educate themselves online (examples: GED, online courses); and
  • Assist with providing a welcoming and technologically robust environment for parents.

No Child Left Offline makes every effort to impact the lives of Kentucky’s families,” stated Andrew McNeill, vice president of program development for ConnectKentucky. “Through the generous contribution of Duke Energy, No Child Left Offline continues to put meaningful technology in the hands of those who need it most.”


Last Updated 6/9/2008