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COT donates 300 PCs to state agencies

Commonwealth Office of Technology (COT) has donated 300 used personal computers to nine state agencies in less than four months, an official said.
Joyce Brewer, branch manager of asset management at COT, said the used PCs were recently replaced during the agency's routine desktop refresh cycle that occurs every three years.  The replaced computers are customarily sold by the state's Division of Surplus Property, she said.
“These PCs will certainly come in handy, and be an asset to agencies who otherwise couldn’t afford them during tough economic times,” Brewer said.
Brewer also said COT has received requests from two agencies for an additional 50 computers.
Janet Lile, deputy executive director of COT's Office of Infrastructure Services, said COT has nearly expended its stock of free PCs, but computers coming off lease this fall will be made available to agencies for about $50 each. 
“This will be a bargain for the agencies to pay under $50 for a good machine,” Lile said.
Agencies have lauded the giveaway in a series of thank-you letters to COT.
One official with the Department of Public Advocacy said employees in that agency are using computers that are nearing 10 years in age. 


Last Updated 8/31/2009