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Screen capture of KYGEONET's Weather map


KYGEONET launches new weather mapping site

The Kentucky Geography Network is now offering real-time weather data for public use on its KYGEONET Web site (

Weather data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is fused with base map information to deliver a rich user experience via an intuitive interface, according to Kent Anness, geographic information systems manager with the Commonwealth Office of Technology's Division of Geographic Information.

“The new weather service was developed using ArcGIS Server platform from Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) allowing us to accept live data feeds from various sources and layer that on top of our existing base map,” Anness said. “It looks like what someone sees every evening on the nightly news except they have a hold of the mouse and can zoom in and out wherever they want.”

Users can see the latest weather radar images for Kentucky and note real-time flight restrictions. This data can be viewed statewide or users can zoom into a specific street address where the base image is either clear aerial photography or topographic images depending on the scale.

The award-winning KYGEONET is hosted by the Kentucky Division of Geographic Information and is one of the top web sites in the Commonwealth in terms of traffic.  Content on the KYGEONET is continuously updated by a variety of contributors.

COT’s Division of Geographic Information is responsible for encouraging, coordinating, and implementing geographic information systems (GIS) for state government. The agency works with state, federal, and local governments to enhance geospatial efforts through activities including strategic planning, project management, technical and administrative support, dissemination of spatial data, education and training, research, and policy development.

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Last Updated 2/20/2009